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I'm not claiming "shenanigans", but I had an interesting experience as well. I showed up at the local Wal-Mart on a Saturday morning, just to see if they had any .22lr. Nothing on the shelves, but there was another customer talking with the clerk, telling him "the computer says you have ten of the 325-round Federal Automatch bulk packs in stock - do you have it in the back? (I don't know where/how he was able to check their inventory - perhaps another location told him?)

The clerk said "No, everything we have is on the shelf." The customer kept pressing, and asked the clerk to go check. Sure enough, the clerk comes back rolling a cart with .40 S&W, 9mm, and the ten bulk packs of FAM. Maybe they were holding it back to sell on the side, maybe they were just lazy and didn't put the stock out overnight - I don't know. But that's been the only .22lr I've been able to buy since this whole mess started.
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