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FYI...Walmart is getting dirty with the ammunition. There was a thread about it on here earlier, so I ran over to ours just for giggles. I was surprised to see our walmart was doing to same thing. They had a goods pile of different pistol and rifle ammo under the register counter in sporting goods. When I questioned them about it, a manager came over....locked the doors and I was told I was "seeing things" and that those were knife and scope boxes. Ya, I wonder how good those green/yellow boxed Remington 30-30, and 230gr win-clean .45 APC scopes are That's who needs to be called on the carpet.
If that's true, you should have contacted THE store manager (not just any manager, or the "officer of the day" manager), and if you still didn't get any satisfaction write to the corporate office and name names.
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