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Hoarding? How can anyone be a Hoarder if there is NOTHING to hoard
You can drive to any gun shop around me, they will all have NOTHING. The closest one to me has been killing off new shops the same month they open for years. Are there prices better? Heck NO...their customer service / attitude is the worst I've ever seen. But everyone snubs new guys because "they've" been there "forever"...they currently have about 14 guns TOTAL in the shop that once had over 400 different ones in stock at all times (not gander mountain 400, really 400 different models and types) NO ammunition and never even carried reloading supplys.

I bought the same amount of ammunition on a weekly basis when Pres. Hussein was "placed" in office as I did the previous 8 years. I don't shoot as much anymore, but it's not from a lack of ammo. My job is more demanding and I have a family of my own now. I'm not going to fault someone for buying what they can when they can get it if they'er desperate enough to pay for it. What is the difference between someone that had "vision" and put back extra 4 years ago, and someone who is running around from com-mart to com-mart buying everything they can get their hands on now? We are living in a time when people are diluted enough to think their Delton AR15 or crappy "AK" knock off is "worth" $1400 more than it was 5 years ago, people selling UMC 9mm for $48 per box.

I've got a huge problem with "gun collectors" though 11 years ago buying every nice surplus rifle that popped up just to hang them in a display cabinet or put in a safe because they'er too "nice" to shoot. But a lot of people wont complain about that First time it happened it was my 16th birthday. Dad said to go by the gun shop and pick something out before he got home from work. There were two identical (not consecutive) nice (I mean 9 out of 10 nice) 1903s sitting right next to each other. Been wanting one so bad I could taste it. went straight home to tell dad it's what I wanted and to give him the few hundred dollars I'd been saving for one, to add to what they were going to spend. Came right back with him and some ol gun miser had taken them BOTH to tuck away in a musty old safe not 10 minuets before we arrived. Same guy did it 10-12 more times over several more years...after he died and his wife came in the shop to sell his last couple pistols. She told the owner all the others had been turned over for $20, pizzas or some other Bull by his kids having never been fired..... flame off

FYI...Walmart is getting dirty with the ammunition. There was a thread about it on here earlier, so I ran over to ours just for giggles. I was surprised to see our walmart was doing to same thing. They had a goods pile of different pistol and rifle ammo under the register counter in sporting goods. When I questioned them about it, a manager came over....locked the doors and I was told I was "seeing things" and that those were knife and scope boxes. Ya, I wonder how good those green/yellow boxed Remington 30-30, and 230gr win-clean .45 APC scopes are That's who needs to be called on the carpet.

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