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Sorry for being a newb / clueless, but lots of things disclose the fact you own a gun

A tax deduction declares you own guns - registration - don't you think?

Lots of things declare the fact that you own guns:
  • You applied for a CCW permit.
  • You purchased a gun through an FFL dealer.
  • You had your background checked when you purchased a gun.


I readily admit you guys probably know much more about these topics than me. You have been in the trenches (as it were) for many years and here is Pigcheese, he just showed up and has an opinion. Please correct me if I am wrong. But if I have a CCW permit, the gubmint already knows I am packing. What difference does a tax deduction make?

Plus you don't have to claim it. It is optional.

I realize their are real problems with using the tax code to encourage gun ownership, but I don't think universal registration is one of them. Any legislature with the cajones to enact a tax deduction for gun ownership would never touch registration.

Nevertheless, given the feedback here, I will table the proposal. Thank you for your comments.
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