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Joe - Great link. Thank you. Looking at some rounds for my 12 gauge now. Good advice and I have had enough warnings from some locals and now here. I will take it as a "must pack".

SC / LiamB - Good to hear TC is doing well in the bolt action lane. I looked long and hard at the Icon but it appears to be like that Maryland WT 13 point my father-in-law keeps sending me field camera shots of at our local hunting site - "It exists, but apparently only in photos.." . I cant seem to find an Icon in what I was looking for and with the right price that is NOT sold out.

In the end, I handled the model Venture I want and liked it. If it lives up to all the solid reviews, I will start looking at a higher TC mode down the road.

I pulled the proverbial online trigger today (about 30 minutes ago) and should have the Venture in Weather Shield 308 with extra mag, Bushnell 3x9 40 scope with weaver base and sling - in a week or two. I got it for $470 (and that is with shipping). I will post some results here when i get it and again when I get it to the range. I have a few decent scopes on my other rifles so perhaps a swap out will be in order LiamB.

Thanks again all and please keep the comments coming - TC, Alaska or otherwise.
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