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Thanks for the replies so far folks.

Strongly considering a second turret press at this point.

@Coz, not sure what to make of your first line, sounds like you agreed that there is no reason not to get a turret as a second press, then go on to describe issues with said thoughts. Please clarify.

@ g.willikers, we're dealing with more than a short wash here. These were under water for for between two to three days about 12 years ago. Recent test firing of factory pistol ammo showed about 40% that did not fire. The pistol cases show a lot of black staining on the cases. Manual extraction of two reloaded .223 rounds showed clumps of powder that did not completely flash when hit with a flame. I figure its not worth a squib and possible second firing as compared to pulling 400 of them. We are going to shoot the 7.62x63 and 7.62x39 military ammo as the pulled cartridges showed good dry powder and sealant on the bullets.
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