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What is USFA?
That is an interesting rifle. But quite expensive. And .45 acp in a rifle? Silly and pointless.
There have been .45 ACP conversions of the 1892 Winchester and the Spanish made clones of that rifle. The conversions use a detachable box magazine since the military hard ball bullet is not a good idea in a tube magazine.

Some were used by Mexican police who at the time carried .45 ACP chambered pistols.
When I asked around about these after seeing one in a sci fi movie ( "Soldier" with Kurt Russel) a poster from a former British colony (don't remember which) told of these conversion being done in his country when a law against importation of pistol cartridges cut off supplies of .44-40 ammo, yet .45 ACP was dirt cheap and readily available since the government had phased out all .45 ACP pistols and SMGs. Millions of rounds of .45 ACP, most dating to WW2 lend lease, hit the surplus market.

The Enfield Delise suppressed bolt action carbine built on a SMLE action was chambered in .45 ACP and fed from altered 1911 magazines.

A police suppressed counter sniper rifle was marketed in the 70's. These were built on the Remington 788 .44 Magnum carbine action refitted with bolts from the .308 version of the 788 to match the ACP case head and extractor groove.
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