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Lee sizing die leaves scratches on 9 mm brass, how safe ?

Hi everyone,
I could use some help, being not totally new to reloading I'm still new to reloading handgun ammunition. I got myself new Beretta in 9 mm Luger and successfully loaded few dozen rounds.
4.2 grain of Bullseye behind 115 grain berry's plated bullet with OAL 1.142 inch (2.900 mm) They cycle the action just fine and no signs of over pressure. However my sizing die leaves horizontal scratches just like loaded round isn't coming straight into the die. Looking inside the die up side down I can't see any sharp, it's not doing this with every case...
aesthetically, I couldn't case less but would like to know if these are safe to shoot (cases are not scratched bad, and by no means dented, looks like surface marks)...I'm aware it might be hard to tell without the photos which I don't have at this point...but, maybe some of you had similar experience...
Thank you all...
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