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1st 10/22 build recommendations!

Originally Posted by sholling View Post
I've customized six 10/22s for myself (4 shown below). The top two were built as hunter/plinkers and what they have in common is a lightweight stock and lightweight aftermarket barrels for hauling around out in the weeds. The third has a weighted barrel and comfortable stock for off-hand target shooting and the fourth is setup for benchrest (2 & 4 have since traded triggers). My point is to match the build to the intended usage. A Green Mountain 920 and a good trigger in a Boyds Tacticool would make you a nice brenchrest rifle as well as a slightly heavy mobile plinker.

Just keep in mind that it takes more than just a parts swap, it'll take good ammo and more than a bit of tinkering to get the best accuracy out of your build. Once the bug bites it's a constant process of puttering and improving and for that reason I'd start with the barrel and stock and get used to it and refine your goals before putting a small fortune into the trigger but if you get serious about benchrest you'll eventually want a 2-stage Kidd and you'll eventually want to bed the receiver and 1-2" of barrel. Take your time and experiment and figure out what works best for you.

BTW for the mag release I recommend the Tac-Sol shown on 3 & 4.

Wow great right up and even nicer guns. You've got the touch! I've heard that the tac sol mag relases are sloppy when there's a mag inserted is that true? What's the mag release in picture 2 I like its sleek look. I think I've finally picked everything out but haven't ordered anything yet, let me know what you think.

Stock: boyds tacticool
Barrel: 18" .920 SS Green Mountain
Trigger: brimstone tier 2
Bolt: Que rework
Charging handle: kidd
Guide rod and spring: kidd
Bolt buffer: kidd
Magazine release: ???
Scope: ???
I plan to polish and jewl my receiver, bolt and trigger myself, should be a fun project. Any other advice or things I should add to the mechanicals?
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