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Try the Lee molds. You can turn out some real nice rd balls and bullets with them for your TC rifle. Once you get a .490 rd ball w/.015 patches or .495 w/.018 patches. stick to one or the other or you'll work yourself into a frizzy tring to get good groups with your rifle. Once you get the right powder charge stick with that to. I been getting good groups with 80 to 90 grs Pyrodex RS and a .490 rd ball w/.015 patches lubed with boro butter. Also try to keep my shots at 100 yrds for hunting. Most shots from a bench are 2 1/2 to 3" groups. Still can put deer down at 100 yrds with that load. The same gun works good with the same 80 to 90 grs of powder and a .495 rd ball w/.018 patches. Just have to keep everything in order it all works out pretty good.
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