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"They" only think of self? Who's the one whining.

I've been shooting and reloading for years. I have powder, primers and bullets. Week before last I went the range with a friend and his guest. His guest shot 3 of my rifles and use up several hundred rounds of .223, .308 and 30-06 of my "stash" and a couple hundred pistol rounds of my friends "stash". Not to mention what my friend and I shot. I have enough powder, primers and bullets to that for some time to come. I'll be burning up some-more tomorrow. If someone at the range wants to shoot any of my firearms I'll let them and furnish the ammo. Because we, my friend and I, have soooooo much powder, primers and bullets we must be selfish hoarders. Thanks for opening my eyes. I'm really sorry I bought so much.
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