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Gifts but not loans between spouses, parents and children, siblings and grands? So I can give this to you permanently, but I can't give it to you for a weekend?!?!? But I can give it to you permanently, and you can then go out for the weekend, and come back and gift it back to me.

A temporary transfer to anyone, as long as it occurs at my house if it's my gun, and my gun doesn't leave my house, and lasts less than 7 days. The ONLY part of that that makes sense is the 7 days part.

Especially when the exemption for a shooting range transfer requires the firearm remain at the range. So you can't go to the range with two of your buddies and hand them your extra 1911 anymore? Unless you're willing to give the live-in range master an extra special present. Good news for the live in range master. He gets all sorts of gifts, AND it's his home, so he can hand them to his buddies for 7 days or less. He just can't carry any of them outside his home. Maybe even move. And apparently that's important enough to mention twice.
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