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My dad financed my BB gun era and that lasted a few months and I was completely over firearms. Then when I was 13, he grabbed me and said "come with me". We headed down to the hardware store where he bought a Winchester Model 37 16 ga shotgun, the first gun ever for our household, and the only one he's ever purchased. Now he did some time in the NC guard to help with his college costs, but he never hunted. He did okay in the guard with a rifle and thats where he developed an admiration for firearms, but he had no desire to recreate with one. He got me into fishing too, but he didn't care to fish. He joined a fishing club, and I fished from the dock while he socialized. By this time golf had been discovered and he was hooked on that. I still have that Winchester. I've played my fair share of golf, but there's not one golf related item in my house. I hunts and I fishes, and I thank my Dad for introducing me to both. RIP Dad, you did good by me.
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