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Originally Posted by eldermike
What gets me going is, there is no actual crisis.
If you don't believe our nation is in crisis you must be living under a rock. There are many states that aren't in crisis right now however several are. Look at the laws just passed in NY, Colorado, Organ and etc. Some major companies involved in the firearms business are refusing to sell to some states and LE and government agencies in those states. Feinstein, Shumer and their ilk are pushing for draconian people control by the federal government. Have some of The People gone overboard buying and hording. I believe they have but that's what happens when fascism rares it's ugly head. If you don't understand what is going on you need to start doing some research on other gun boards and political forums.

I hope I don't get canned for addressing politics in the reloading forum but I believe it needed saying.
Guns are not dangerous! People are! RKBA!

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