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Ventures get all lot of great reviews, and I have no doubt they are quality products. Have you searched for a TC Icon? 4 years ago I was looking for a second bolt action. I had a hankering for a Venture and did quite a bit of research on the internet. All the experts were comparing it to the Icon, and in doing so, were highliting all the features an Icon had over the more affordable Venture. Basspro had a great deal at the time on a blued synthetic Icon in .308 so I went that route, skipping the Venture all together. I only got as far as handling a Venture prior to that and there's a big difference in feel. The synthertic stocks are completely different on an Icon.

Anyhow, in the $600 bracket you're not far from an Icon if you consider going used, heck you might find a NIB on the net. Icons are not as available as the Ventures so it will require some looking. Both rifles have strong followings. I have two Icons, love them both. Excellent products and quite the bang for the buck compared to similarly built weatherbys and sakos. Either way your looking at a quality product. Good luck.
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