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count me amoung those who believe in iron sights on thier rifles and learnning to use them first as part of basic marksmanship .then learn the scope. all my rifles have sights as well as scopes. not trying to start any thing just adding my 2bits. i grew up in rural v.t. my dad was a gun smith and after a spill down one of those slate ridges a scope can end up in youre back pack instead of on youre rifle. thats when youre glad you got sights. hey it happened once up in upper rutland county trashed the scope . then over in n.y. it knocked it so far off i had to take it off and send it in for repairs. so it happens twice so far in 40 yrs. any ways. well hth
Why thats... Brilliant ! now go lay down by youre dish and shut up .
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