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The SXP is an overseas outsource version of the 1300 and earlier 1200 Winchesters. In my experience the major weak points of this model series are the riveted shell stops and short action length. The 1200 series with 2.75" chambers will not function with 2.75" full length roll crimp factory rounds - such as several European buckshot rounds. Nor will the 1300 (3" chamber) series function reliably with full length (but SAMMI spec) roll crimp factory ammunition. I am on the third set of shell stop assemblies on my 1970 vintage 1200 (it was the only shotgun on the market at that time with interchangable choke tubes). The short action may not mean a lot to many, but high performance shotshell handloaders will and others may consider the ability to fire any SAAMI spec. shotshell a plus - within specified chamber length of course.

My Remington 870's and a Mossberg 500 and 590 series have remained trouble free.

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