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S.649: Reid's Base Gun Control Bill

The US Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill implementing universal background checks 10 to 8 along party lines. If you remember the legislative process from college or maybe School House Rock the bill still has a ways to go, but regrettably it is still progressing.

The sad thing is even though neither the evidence nor logic supports the implementation of universal background checks some groups are still campaigning for them. A group of religious leaders submitted 4000 signatures supporting the effort. They stated, "To refuse to take the steps we know would reduce harm is a violation of religious values so severe that we are compelled to speak out." So, how do they “know” these efforts would reduce harm?

It is time to contact your Senators and express you opinion on gun control. Be sure to remember that just because a Senator voted one way in committee does not mean they won’t swing the other way on the final vote.
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