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What did ammo get to in early 2009?
From my own research using 9mm range ammo types:

Early 90's to mid 90's = ~$0.14/rd for big bulk (1000 rds)

Mid 90's to election in '08 = $0.06/rd to $0.14/rd (varied widely) in non-bulk

Early '09 to Recent (Pre - Sandy Hook) = $0.22/rd to $0.24/rd in small bulk (100 rds)

Post -Sandy Hook = Price gouging = avg $0.50/rd

Inflation calculator = $0.14 in 1990 has same buying power as $0.25 in 2013

From what I can see, if you calculate inflation into the mix, price has not changed much. There were few factors here and there that influenced price (foreign ammo import, election, Sandy hook, etc) for a time, but if history is any indication, my guess is price will come back down to about $0.25/rd.
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