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I don't have a problem at all paying the the hazmat fee if I can find what I want.
It gives you an excuse to buy 8 pounds of powder (at least) instead of just one, or 5000 primers instead of 1000.

I assume EM posted this here instead of in the reloading subforum because it's more a problem of ammo availability than reloading supplies -- but the scarcity of reloading stuff at the same time makes it so much worse.

I've been buying a little extra whenever supplies are cheap and/or plentiful, so I'm in pretty good shape* except for .22LR (and I bought that too, I've just used up half of it and was about to restock in December...)

*not because I'm so clever, just I've been doing this for a while. It would really suck to be a new shooter right now; just got into it or just got old enough and can't buy any ammo or primers because hogs are buying it all.
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