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Beautiful gun! I like it. On a side note...what caliber is is? If I my ask. And what brand are the ten round mags?

The only reason I ask is I've had very bad experiences with the KKK 10rd'ers. I only have experience with the long action like the 30-06. I've owned 10 old ones( 15 years ago) and 2 newer ones( I was told they had been fixed). All 12 functioned not just badly but dangerously. Sometimes damaging the PRIMER! and jamming the cartridge sideways in the action. Cabela's was good enough to refund my money on the 2 newer ones but KKK would not even talk to me and has ignored my letters. Letters plural and has not returned my $300 for the other 10. Sorry for my bitter rant just wanted to ask that you be careful and test the 10 rds'ers. I have heard the short action ones are better though. Be safe and nice find.

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