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It definitely sounds like the helicopter method is effective, even if expensive.

As for me and my feet are on the ground....
I hear you Keg! I have a problem trusting my life to something that must beat the air into submission to stay airborne. Rotorheads I know describe it as flying a million parts, all trying desperately to get away from each other! Now, if you want to take an AC-130 up for it, I'm all ears! You could even fit a large number of shooters on the ramp of my beloved C-17, but the leads will be huge...

There is a group of retired Army AMU folks in GA called Jager Pro I've followed for a while. They have 3 guides hunting most days during most of the year, at night, using R-25s and thermal scopes, taking out groups of folks for 8 hours of night hunting. They don't have a lot of days open on the calendar, they have become that popular. They are getting nowhere close to 450 in 2 days.

They are, however, perfecting the use of traps in very innovative ways, focusing on catching entire sounders at once. That's the most effective and efficient way I've seen it done without an aircraft!
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