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Suport Local Shops

the reason I am limiting myself to the scopes I listed is I beleave in suporting my local shops I could go of the wall and by a S/B up to 80x and it would probly be great but I yhink if we suport are local shops they will be there when we need them . For that reason I by Canadian when I can and American allso import is for when we dont make it or you dont make it or as is the case with the Chiappa Kodiak 45/70 we just got trying to get a Winchester big boar rifle is like hunting Unicorns kind of things that dreams are made of I do have one on order but it has been close to a year now and i needed the rifle now . So if you see why I limit my list to local allso I dont by over the internet hek I just got on a cumputer for the first time 3-4 weeks ago im not a savy guy when it comes to theas things I would probly end up owning nuthing except a credit card with a $5000 bill thanks for the advise
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