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i find that the Swarovski does not gather any more light than my Leupold and that was the selling point allso i went with the 1.7-10x42 as it is mounted on a 375H&H mag of witch I have 2 one a traditonall express and one a winchested stainless with laminat stock the stainless wears the $2099.00 canadian dollar Swarovski I thought I would use the low end of the power more than I do I find myself seting it on 3 and it stays there only to be dialed up if a open shot is long by this I mean 200-350 yards the older blued walnut stocked express wears a leupold 1.5x5 pistol scope bought in Yukon for $345.00 and has served the rifle and me well like I said I do not have long range experriance or good spelling lol to busy looking at the gals and hunting . It may be that for a long distance scope they are quite good but for the average hunter I find I fell for the hype and that is what I am trying to avoid here.
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