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Muzzleloading .50 TC Hawken

Hello all,

I shot my ML for the first time in years, and man was it fun. I don't know why the ole black powder rifle has been neglected. Now that the ammo crisis is here for a while, I find that these components are available. I think I need a thicker patch, though. In the T/C they recommend a .490 RB and a patch, but don't specify the thickness. Does anyone here ever double up patches? I'd like to use the rest of the ones I bought. If not, no biggie. I'll use them for lubing the bore and such.

I'd like to get some pillow ticking, but don't know where to look online. There's no Wal Mart in town here, believe it or not. Also, what's your favorite lubes? I'd like to make my own rather than buy it.

Problems aside, the accuracy was acceptable at 75 yards with 5" groups. That's minute of deer. However, I know I can shrink that by a ton. I'm thinking seriously about getting a Lyman GPP to go with my hawken so I can share components.
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