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You (he) could setup all your oddball dies on turrets for around an extra $3 per die. Then if he decides to do some reloading or you guys want to reload at the same time, you have two turret presses ready to go.

I'm interested in the downside of using a turret press as a secondary press.
There is not, You could do it if you want.
For me it was removing unneeded wiggle when resizing rifle brass.
The turrets wiggle way more than even breech locks.
I did a test with 223 brass because I had a head space gage for them.
I gage all my 223 brass after resizing.
I found brass that would not gage after sizing on the turret.
Once through the single stage and they gaged.
Its rare, Because when setting up the dies. You set it to have the shell holder touch the bottom of the die. Then screw it in a extra 1/4 turn.
Thats suppose to take up the wiggle.
Mostly that works.
Mostly..... But not always. Its just one extra variable you need to worry about.
I choose not too.
Plus you have variations in the thickness of shell holders, I measured a few and they are not all the same. You take a in spec short shell holder and a little extra sloppy turret. You get a mess.
it took me a while to figure out it was the combo of one particular shell holder and one particular turret that was causing the miss feeds in my AR.
Since gaging and use of the single stage exclusively to resize, I have not had one fail to feed in any of my Autos. That was enough for me.

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