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ABC's of Reloading

I learn a lot more with hands on experience then I do from reading a book. With that being said I still am glad I own and have read the book(9th edition).

I decided to get into reloading due to this recent panic and had to teach myself everything I needed to know about reloading. I thought this book did a very good job of breaking down every componenet/process of reloading. Yes some of it is very basic and if you have reasonable knowledge of firearms then there will be a lot that you already know. I would consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to firearms and there was still many little details that I learned or came away understanding better.

The book does feel a little dated in its processes but that's not to say that it they are not releavent today. Understanding each step in its simpliest form allowed me to step right into a full auto progressive press and understand what each station was doing. It gave me confidence with a basic understanding which I could build upon to learn more and to keep learning.

I'm sure there are many great books out there and most of them cover a lot of the same items. ABC's is the only reloading "how to" book that I own besides several reloading manuals. However I doubt it will stay that way for long as it never hurts to keep reading to learn more along with first hand experience.
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