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I believe that no matter what type of set up you have. You always have a use for a good single stage press.
I recommend what I have done. Get a LEE classic cast press.
I dont recommend the one with the aluminum breech lock inserts.
Personal choice on that, I dont like any extra wiggle to account for.
I found I was getting different shoulder set backs on rifle brass with the inserts. You have to account for the movement in the insert when setting it up. Problem is different brass has different hardness. That changes the pressure on the insert, changing slightly the shoulder set back on some brass. Not all the time and not so much that if throws allot of brass out of spec. But it does and when it does your scratching your head to figure it out. So I just dont deal with that.

Since getting mine. I find I use it a lot. Mostly case prep work but also sizing cast bullets.
I may be working on a pile of 308, 223 or Mauser brass.
And still load other calibers on the turret.
I like it.

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