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Did some more reading and it pretty much stated the same about inletting. I was so caught up in the actual carving and checkering that I didn't even think about fitting it to the rifle before doing all the other work. Definitely a good idea though, would be horrible to spend hours carving it and getting it looking exactly how I want it just to screw up in fitting it to the rifle.

I might pick up some books on Winchester lever actions as well as general stock making and so forth. Eventually I would like to make some custom wood grips for a few pistols I have and possibly some other projects. The shop machinery is more for other projects I would like to work on that involve metal working.

Does anyone have any suggestions on specific book titles dealing with general gunsmithing, Winchesters, or stock making? Also, would the NRA gunsmithing classes down in Susanville, CA at Lassen CC be worth taking? This is a hobby I am just starting to get into, so I will read anything I can get my hands and take whatever classes to help me progress.

@ Scorch - as to the blanks I was looking at, I found them on this website:
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