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Welcome to the play pen!

Okay, now you have a couple of guns. Next is that old learning curve to develop your skill.

For the shotgun, I suggest going to a skeet/trap range and just watching for a while. Ask questions, but don't worry about shooting on that first visit. Start out with learning about patterning your gun. That's one of the key items, and the guys at the shotgun forum here can help--but going to the range is a must.

Another thing I suggest, although ammo is hard come by right now, is a good used bolt-action .22 rimfire. Overall, it's the least-cost way to develop eye/sights/trigger-finger coordination. A bolt-action takes away the urge to "spray and pray" and promotes serious learning. And, right now, the hockshops are full of what are for now slow-moving items. And they have at most half the asking price actually invested in a used gun.
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