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Mitranoc, I'm having trouble identifying your exact type of stock (I'm on my phone), but the problem seems to be that you have your sling attached to the bottom of your stock.

The problem is that most stocks these days have the sling QD mount towards the bottom. Attaching your sling to the bottom of the stock causes the top of the rifle to tilt away from you, and that makes the grip and the magazine poke into uncomfortable areas.

For this reason, I never recommend attaching the sling to the buttstock QD point if it's anywhere near the bottom of the stock. Don't attach the sling to the slots near the bottom of the stock, either. Instead, use the slots that are usually on the top rear of the stock. Some setups won't let you fully collapse the stock if you have a sling through the slot, but that's a small price to pay to prevent yourself from being whacked by your grip or your magazine.
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