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I just finished looking up the one actually on the books in Kennesaw, BBQBob. It looks functionally the same as the one currently proposed by Nelson, the town in this post. In fact, given the quote in the linked article, I'd guess it was more than "modeled on" Kennesaw's ordinance, and it's just flat-out plagiarized.

If you actually read Kennesaw 34-22 It's symbolic. I'm not particularly fond of it, but I disagree with "requires all households to have a gun" as much as I disagree with "No politician wants to take away your guns" - quotes from Cuomo and Feinstein belie the second statement, and the actual law belies the first.

You must have a gun. Unless you're not allowed to have a gun. Or can't afford a gun. Or just plain don't like guns. This does not mandate gun ownership, it's symbolic. And as one lawmaker said, it's a lot like sticking a Protected by ADT sign in every yard. You know some of them are accurate, but you don't know which ones.
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