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just spent a bit going through Midway to see what is available in something I don't have... 348 Winchester might be kinda cool... ( all components & dies are available, but not checked into barrels or reamers yet )

my buddy has an interesting way of modifying the extractor, so rimless or rimmed cartridges are just as easy to do, but I like the vintage cartridges, & the longer the case, the easier it is to insert & extract...

looked at a couple like 25-25 Stevens, but would like something I don't have to wait for a year to get one of the components, or a set of dies, etc...

as mentioned, I think 444 would be cool, but don't know about fitting the outer barrel diameter to the 303 conversion parts, that i'd like to retain... the 30-30 was one of my 1st suggestions, when my buddy & I were talking about it the other day ( after the show, when I took the rifle over there )

there is also one part of me, that thinks 303 British ( since that's the original conversion chambering ) might be cool, maybe use a .308 bore barrel, & have a smaller expander for the sizing die made, & load 303, with .308 bullets ???
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