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Garands have clips, not magazines. Does the ban refer to magazines or "clips?"
I would say, in the case of the M1, and a couple of other bolt guns, the clip is basically a magazine, since it has to remain in the gun, for the gun to function properly. An M1 without a clip, is no different than a mag fed gun, without the mag.

The only difference between it and a rifle with a detachable mag is, how the clip/mag is "detached". The M1 generally does it automatically, the others have a button or lever. Maybe they are looking at the others like switchblades. Buttons and levers are bad, and in reality, if buttons are the determining criteria, the M1 is screwed there too.

Now a "clip" in use in most other guns, is a "stripper" clip, and does not remain in the gun when the guns "magazine" is loaded from it.

And just to muddle the waters, what would happen if you removed the mag release tab from an M1A (or any of the others for that matter), and only loaded 7 rounds by hand, or with strippers through the guide, would it now be legal? Mmmm, I think it is on AR's in Cali, isnt it?

The whole thing is foolishness, and we all know it. We allow people to "make the rules", who have no idea as to what they are talking about, when it comes to what they are trying to regulate, and..... Oh, wait, never mind. They know exactly what they are doing. Its those of us who vote them in, and then dont run them out on a rail when they pull this crap, who are the dummies.
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