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Gunshow Report. Many people thought that the last gunshow at the salt palace marked the end of good gunshows in Utah. This is not true. The new venue was large and friendly and was actually much better than the salt palace could ever be. Getting in and out was easy (busy but easy) and you didn't have to park 10 blocks away. The vendors were plentiful with lots of good product and not your typical Swap Meet stuff. Sure there was a lot of the crapy knives for sale as usual but there was a lot of good stuff too. Native Nevadan Sporting Goods was there with all the Galco you could ask for. Also there was a real HK G36K that was a "Look But Don't Even Think Of Touching" kinda item. I dont get that idea at all - At SHOT 2000 HK even invited me to TAKE IT APART! HELLO! Some dealers have too much attitude. The G36 rifle is an ARMY Rifle not the GOLDEN FLEASE!! Bastards... Anyways, Robinson Armament had about the smallest little table in the whole show, but managed to have the best stuff. They had 3 VEPR rifles there. 7.62 Russian, .223, and .308... They had an M96 Carbine which was SWEET... and we watched a fellow plop down $9,000.00 for a slightly used HK MP5K-PDW with a select fire trigger group. Safe, Single, Burst, and Rock and Roll. Amazing - but it is only a 9MM. Still - very cool thing to be able to walk around - see an MP5 and say, "Sure, why the hell not?" You dont see that every day. One thing I noticed about the VEPR rifles is that unlike other AKs - the Stock to Receiver fit was perfect. The whole thing was rugged and solid. Yeah, an AK is pretty dang solid, but not like a VEPR! I'm wanting one badly. Next Saturday I'll be shooting a lot of different AKs and getting a better understanding of them. Yeah - I've had them before - but I am really wanting a nice one this time. I took a couple guys from work to this gun show and they had a good time too. They were looking at all kinds of stuff and having a really good learning experience checking out all the guns they only heard about. One almost picked up a killer deal on a SIG P220... That deal was so sweet - I might have hooked that one up myself... but I'm looking for an AK. FALs abounded and there were some nice kits and extras that made another FAL a seriouse temptation.
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