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Im going to have tennis elbow tomorrow.

I made a rookie mistake today well, my kid was trying to help me.

But I should have checked, I have bins labeled for different projectiles I got a a couple hundred in today.

My kid thought she would help daddy so she dumped the projectiles in the bins labeled for the type of round she thought it was she dumped them in 180 gr fmj, which they where really 180gr tmj which isn't a big deal.

But I was last loading on my lnl fmj and they where set up for 1.125 col I didnt check the col and loaded up 150 rounds. The tmj measure at.602 and the fmj measure at .618 so the col on the bullets I just build are 1.108 col.way to short and probably over pressurized.

So now I get to unload 150rds yay.
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