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The German tactic was one machine gun per squad, the rest of the squad was for support. The bolt action rifle was good enough for WWI, it was good enough for WWII. Americans on the other hand relied on one machine gun per platoon, where the German rifle man supported the machine gun, the American machine gun supported the rifleman. That is the basic concept, but there really isn't any clear black or white answer. Perhaps if Hitler had waited one more year as his generals wanted, Germany may well have had a good auto loading rifle. If Hitler had not insisted that the new development of the jet engine be used on bombers instead of a fighter, the war might have lasted longer. Why did Hitler declare war on the US and open up yet another front when he was already fighting the Russians and British. Why did Hitler keep making the huge Tiger tank and wasting resources against the wishes of his Panzer Generals. There are thick books writen on all of these subjects, they are the best way to gather the info yuou seek, on the net you are just going to get some half baked opinions.
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