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I disagree.

I have never encountered anyone who considers a pistol that's new in the box from the manufacturer to be "fired," even though everyone knows that most manufacturers test fire their pistols.

As to previously owned, it is certainly not unheard of for people to own firearms for several years or more, never fire them, and then sell them. They are typically advertised as either N.I.B. (which I do not think is appropriate for a second-hand firearm) or L.N.I.B., unfired. What possible difference does it make if a gun is still in production? Isn't it more likely that a gun you CAN'T buy a new copy of would have been fired?

What you seem to be saying is that "most" prospective buyers would consider me to be a liar if I were to offer my L.N.I.B. and unfired (by me) Ruger Blackhawk for sale as "unfired." I certainly hope you are wrong about that
Feel free to disagree. Unless you or I are the buyer of said "unfired gun" what we think doesn't matter.
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