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It's pretty hard to reply to this thread without offending anyone. On one hand I want to say that gun safety and operation should be taught to every person, even as early as middle school. That way every man, woman, and child can have a certain respect for our deadly little beauties. Also, so that every person can operate their firearms safely, I've seen too many bad range to speak. On the other hand, to say they have to have training just to own a firearm is beside me. I know a few shooters that are self taught and very much proficient in the operation and maintenance of their guns. Both sides clash(on a softer note I believe that's called clapping). I want everyone who owns a firearm to be trained, but i realize training comes in many forms. I myself do not have the level of training that alot of you are referring to, hell the army didn't teach me half those drills...
I had more, but I lost my train of thought. I apologize if I offended anyone, this is a subject that tears me down the middle, yet it's very close to the heart.
God made all men, but it was Sam Colt who made them equal.
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