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California recieved extra moneies they are using to hire more agents to confiscate legal and illegally owned guns. In the situation described, Illegal because the wife was mentally commited for 2 days and one of the handguns was "registered" to her. Two other handguns were "registered" and legally owned by the husband, whom was legal, but they could not be in the residence of which she lived. He was not given an option to take them out of the residence, and they were confiscated.
California rep stated California is the new model for the country, and they were able to find them because of the cross references to the registration and mental records. It added they are actively going after 20,000 more firearms in the state that are owned by individuals who are no longer allowed to own them. The main justifications were mental instability, restraining orders in domestic relations and recent convictions. If a person resides in the household where one person is not allowed possession of a firearm, the law allows them to confiscate all firearms in the residence as well.
I hope this isn't where CO is headed as well.
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