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Well a couple of points. There was NO, repeat, NO confiscation of any rifles of any type in WWII. The government did transfer its rifles from one unit to another as needed, and that included from NG units under state control to regular army units. But they did NOT take any privately owned rifles of any kind from anyone. (Individuals could, and sometimes did, donate rifles to the government; AFAIK, you can donate stuff to the government today if you want.)

Now, a problem with that rifle. I would like to see a better picture of the serial number and receiver ring. In another post, I mentioned that some sellers of "low number" M1903 rifles would add a "1" to the front of low numbers so they would appear to be later rifles and not in the potentially dangerous range (below 800000 for SA, below 285507 for RIA).

I stated that the way to detect such shenanigans is to make sure the serial number is centered with the other markings. If, for example, the serial number has seven digits, like 1234567, the middle number (the "4") would be almost directly under the gap between the U and the S of the U.S. marking above it. If the number is NOT centered, and if it begins with 1, it is highly suspect.

So that is why I want a better look at that number and the other markings.

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