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Advice on a 2nd press

I have found a need for a second press for some chores and to share with my father to cover some tasks he has brought to the table. He has been assisting with my bad habit by collecting brass and wants to disassemble several hundred .223 rounds he has (long story, they were subject to a flood).

I have a Lee Classic Turret that has served me well for the past five years, and have been very happy. I have occasionally found a need for a second press and am considering purchasing one to loan him for several months.

My thought is to get a Lee C or O press and an RCBS Collet Puller for the 223 and universal depriming die.

I am also considering buying another LCT press as the cost between that and a Challenger press seem close, and could give him a good start if he decides to get into loading himself. Any suggestions on a press and universal die, or should I just get the puller and loan him my press?
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