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Newbie Shooter: Am I On the Right Track?

I recently acquired a Heritage Rough Rider in .22lr, the saga of which is referenced in another thread that's probably buried somewhere in the revolver sub-forum by this point. Long story short, my goal is to learn solid, fundamental marksmanship skills. The difficult thing is that I don't really know what constitutes solid, fundamental marksmanship skills, and so I've been piecing that together from floating chunks of the U.S.S. Internets™.

Right now .22lr is a pain to find in my town, we just had a gun show come through and they bought up everything, so I'm starting modestly. I'm looking to burn 50 live rounds every other day in practice. I made up some targets, a one inch bulls eye with a four inch and eight inch radius circle. I'm working my revolver with five rounds in the cylinder to simulate how it would operate if I had it set up for field carry, one empty under the hammer.

I've come up with four (very) basic exercises that make up my drill routine so far. Two five round groups right handed, two hands. Two five round groups Left handed, two hands. Two five round groups right handed one hand. Two five round groups left handed, one hand. I also switch dominant eyes when I switch hands. Left for left, right for right. After these exercises I take whichever of the four I did the worst on and repeat it for a total of 50 rounds.

Am I on the right track here? Is there anything I should be doing instead, or something I should substitute for the fifth exercise? I have a small natural ability for ambidexterity, so I wanted to build that in to the drill, but I'm curious about whether I might be wasting my time (and ammo) by doing both hands.

My current range is ~5 yards. When should I start moving back further?

Is 50 rounds every other day too much? Too little?

Advice is much appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read the thread.

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