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James K
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Or not. I have been reminded that some milsurps were "sporterized" in England c. 1955. (Sam Cummings, of Interarms, owned a controlling interest in Cogswell & Harrison and they did a lot of work on guns that Interarms would import into the U.S. or sell worldwide.)

Guns that were extensively modiified or re-worked in England had to be proved in England and if the work was extensive enough that they were considered "new" guns, had to be marked as "Made in England". That does not look like a product of Cogswell & Harrison, but it might be interesting to check if it has any English company markings or proof marks.

The rifle is certainly a U.S. Model 1917, sold as surplus, and almost certainly sporterized here in the U.S., but I am posting this in the interests of completeness.

Jim K
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