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Well, I don't think you can say a Marlin will out shoot a Winchester any day. I have a 9422 that shoots a 1/2 inch group at 50 yds with any Winchester ammo. I also have an inexpensive Marlin Model 60 that shoots a 1/2 inch group at 50yrds, but only with Blazer 40 grn rn ammo. Other ammo opens the groups to 1 inch & more. Every 22 LR rifle I have ever owned or come across has a liking for a particular brand & type of ammo; even two rifles of the same brand & model can have a different preference. So, there you are. No one can explain it. When you get a 22 and find the ammo that it really shoots well, better keep it, no matter the brand; because no one brand will always out shoot another. 22 rifles are as individual as their owners.
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