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Drop, at any range is a constant. Bullet specs (BC) and velocity is all you need to figure it out, and once learned, stays the same. All you need to do to hit is adjust for the difference between your sight in range, and the actual range to your target. OF course, you have to get the actual range correct....

Wind, on the other hand is a variable, always different, often several different speeds and directions between you and a distant target.

You can calculate for wind drift, but its tougher, because of the more variables. A given bullet at a given speed will have a constant drift, per mph of wind at 90degrees. Unfortunately, that is the simplest that wind drift gets.

Mulitple directions and speeds can affect the bullet a lot on its way to a distant target.

Say, a 10mph crosswind blows you 1" to the left at 100yds. If constant, then 2" at 200, etc. But wind is not constant, usually. ITs a skill learned by practice and observation, but it can be learned.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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