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Just my opinion - limit your .410 slug shots to bow distances (30ish yards) and even the big bucks will drop on the spot.
My take on the the Savage 42 - Overpriced (Wal-Mart sells for $370).
Crude sights - someday, I'm going to look into getting them replaced.
You read it here first - the trigger is pathetic. Not the pull but the design. The upper part of the trigger pivots into the frame of the gun so your trigger finger has to slide down the trigger when you pull it unless you place your finger at the very end of the trigger (never seen this before).
I think it is just a matter of time before Savage drops this rifle from the lineup (if it wer $200ish - might be a different story) -All said - I would buy one again just because of the single shot .410 and single shot 22LR I owned as a kid. Now I have both rolled into one, slender, lightweight package.

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