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Colorado is not the same place it was even 5 years ago. Like so many states with rural counties, we are now the victims of the populated fringe in Denver\Boulder. Even once conservative Ft. Collins is now a yuppie haven and I see little chance of any of these places reverting back to there conservative roots. Simply said, we have become outnumber by new residents from other states that are far left. Funny how those people came to a very conservative land from there liberal fairytale lands only to change our state into the same thing they wanted to leave? We are just day's away from having gay marriage (they are calling it "civil unions" to avoid the state constitution that says no gay marriage) - illegals will be getting in state tuition rates and we will finally be safe because no one will have any firearm with more than 15 rounds. Hey, at least we can go down to the corner store and buy a few joints to drow-- I mean smoke our troubles away! Lived here for over 40 years, never thought I would be so ashamed of my home state!
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