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Re: Why do some people look behind them....

Originally Posted by MLeake View Post
Anybody who claims to follow handgun defensive theory who has never heard of Ayoob or Pincus is immediately suspect.

I am not a fan of Gabe Suarez, but I have heard of the man and have some idea of who he is and what he teaches.

I have not met Clint Smith, but am aware of him.

Also, if manta49 were really serious, rather than attempting to be dismissive, he could have very easily found out who the people he was dismissing were. He didn't, so he ended up looking foolish. That's on him.

As for you, the "LOL" really removes you from the category you'd like to imply you are in.
Keep ASSuming don't think I ever implied anything ..... unlike you who "reads books" so that must make you an "expert" and knowing someone automatically gives you street creds Good luck I'm done with this conversation!
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