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Want a pump 12, but which one?

I have shot my fair share of shotguns and own a couple single shot and a double. My wife's shotgun is a Rem 870 in 20 Ga. My Grandpa, who was a cop for 36 years recommends the 870. I have personally narrowed it down to three guns, all in 12 Ga. A Remington 870, simply because I know they work and I already have one. A Mossberg 500 because as a lefty I like the tang safety. Or a Winchester SXP, since they claim to be the fastest pump on the market. I am really looking for a defense gun with waterfowl capabilities. I can read the specs and make a decision, but what I am looking for are personal experiences with the different guns. Not OPINIONS! EXPERIENCE! I am curious about the SXP but have never handled one before. Has anyone used the Mossberg FLEX system? Should I add a Benelli to the list of possibilities?
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